YinYasa Yoga serves as both a stand-alone Yoga system, and as an introductory pathway to Astanga Yoga.

If you have never practiced Yoga before, or are coming back to Yoga after an extended period, this is the perfect place to start.

The mindful flow of YinYasa Yoga incorporates hip, shoulder and spine releases, where often much of our tension and stress is held.

The repetitive nature of the practice also allows us to move deeper, into older areas of stress and malady.

For further information and timetable, visit our new site at yinyasayoga.co.nz.


The YinYasa practice is based on a structure that has one posture following another in a specific and orderly manner. This is Vinyasa.

Each posture preparing for the next, or counter-balancing the previous. Building one by one, into a complementary interaction between body, breath, mind and movement.

The YinYasa practice then requires each posture to be held for an extended period. This is Yin.

This gentle pressure for extended periods allows for our less elastic connective tissues, ligaments and tendons, to strengthen, while creating space between the sliding surfaces.

Without the movement of Vinyasa, the muscles will remain tense, preventing the necessary torsion needed to release the connective tissues.

Without the connective tissue release of Yin, the muscles have no space to extend fully, the joints are not fully irrigated and the tendon muscle overlay is not fully regenerated.




The yinyasa yoga system currently includes two distinct classes:


YinYasa Boost

Taught in a multi level inclusive format, this one hour class provides a platform that encourages progress, while cultivating patience and contentment in the postures. This class perfectly compliments the dynamic nature of Astanga yoga.

This class is suitable for beginners and those who are coming back to yoga after injury or a break. The postures and the sequencing have been specifically chosen as safe and supportive for pregnancies. We do however suggest that you inform the teacher of any injury or pregnancy before the class commences.


YinYasa Chill

This one hour class is what we call a Foundational Meditation class.

Have you tried Meditation, but couldn’t quite get it? Well you are not alone. Most experienced meditators will tell you that starting out was the hardest. Breaching the gap between daily life and quiet contemplation can be like crossing the grand canyon.

In this three-stage class we take you thru 30 minutes of restorative preparatory postures, before a gradual led introduction to meditation, and then a post meditation chill.

This class is suitable for everyone.  No experience of meditation or yoga is necessary.